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ADIMUS is a Nordunet3 research project working with Adaptive Internet Multimedia Streaming. Project participants are from NR, SICS, and VTT. The project supports three PhD students: Svetlana Boudko (NR), Tiia Sutinen (VTT), and Ian Marsh (SICS). Supervisors are Wolfgang Leister (NR), Marko Jurvansuu (VTT), Carsten Griwodz (Ifi), and Pål Halvorsen (Ifi).


Project name: ADIMUS (ADaptive Internet MUltimedia Streaming) Participating Institutions:

  • Norsk Regnesentral, Norway, NR (coordinator)
  • Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SICS, Sweden
  • VTT, Finland
  • University of Oslo, Institute of Informatics (UiO/Ifi)

The goal of the ADIMUS project is to implement methods that adapt to service quality changes, in order to maximise the end-user's subjective experience. Adaptation mechanisms will include QoS reservations, encoding schemes and parameters, routing, etc. The end-to-end service quality will be modeled, and formulas for quality estimates will be developed that express the perceived end user quality. Issues like inter-dependencies between media streams, special requirements for non-entertainment media streams (e.g., medical applications), and modern transmission technologies (e.g., wireless, peer-to-peer) will be included in the research.

The ADIMUS project will build on the experiences of the national Norwegian industry-led project MOVIS currently performed at NR, which develops metrics, and models that estimate the perceived end user service quality from measurement values, that are reported to the service providers. While MOVIS performs measurements and includes a report functionality, the ADIMUS project will proactively adapt to new situations by changing application and transmission parameters transparently for the end user.

The ADIMUS project will develop models for estimating end user quality, taking interdependencies between media types into account; perform assessment tests; and develop experiments and prototypes as a proof-of-concept for the developed models and methods.

The project involves four research institutions, NR, VTT, SICS, and Ifi/UiO.The project will use two PhD students, one located at NR and one located at VTT; expertise from researchers of NR, VTT, and SICS, and assistant professors at the Institute for Informatics at the University of Oslo. The ADIMUS project will work closely together with existing projects, e.g., the MOVIS project at NR, and others. The project duration will be four years.

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